What is Agarwood Incense?

Agarwood Incense, or Oud incense, is an indispensable part of daily life in Vietnam as well as in many other countries. It is often used for daily prayers on ancestral altars or in religious ceremonies.

However, in today’s market, there are many types of incense from various manufacturers, causing concerns about quality and safety when used daily.

Therefore, their products come as a savior, addressing all consumer concerns. The attention and popularity given to agarwood incense are not coincidental. AGARVINA will guide you to explore this product, from its natural origin to the diverse applications it offers.


What is Agarwood Incense?

They are a type of incense made from agarwood, a rare and precious tree primarily sourced from forests in Southeast Asia, mainly Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and India.

The agarwood tree is known for its distinctive fragrance and high spiritual value in many cultures. The production process of agarwood incense typically starts with harvesting wood and resin from agarwood trees, which are then processed into sticks or small pellets.

When burned, it usually emits a unique, gentle, and soothing fragrance, believed to have the ability to purify the air and create a serene atmosphere. They are often used in religious ceremonies, spiritual practices, meditation, and festival celebrations. It is also used to reduce stress, and anxiety, and create a better living and working environment.

With over 25 years of experience in cultivating and producing products from 100% pure agarwood, AGARVINA takes pride in being a reputable and reliable enterprise. We not only put meticulous care into every stage of the production process but also respect and protect natural resources.

Our commitment is to provide customers with the highest quality products, from carefully cultivated and cared-for agarwood trees to a delicate processing process to preserve the aroma and value of this precious agarwood.

100% Pure Agarwood – AGARVINA


Types of Agarwood Incense

AGARVINA has always listened to and understood the sentiments of customers, thus creating 3 popular types of agarwood incense. These include 7 different products of agarwood incense in terms of fragrance and structure, but they all share the same component: 100% pure natural agarwood.


1. Incense Stick Agarwood:

Agarwood Incense Stick is the most popular and familiar product chosen by the majority of consumers. Made from various natural ingredients: 100% agarwood powder, binding agents, and bamboo sticks.

  • Length of 1 incense stick: 30cm – 39cm.
  • Burning time of 1 incense stick: 40 minutes – 50 minutes.
  • Advantages: it burns relatively long without causing a suffocating feeling because the fragrance is very gentle. The burning rate is stable and the distinctive aroma is often used in ceremonies, religious rituals, and solemn occasions.

Agarwood Incense Stick


2. Agarwood Incense Without Toothpick:

This product is also relatively popular. Agarwood Incense Without Toothpick is incense without bamboo cores and is made from 100% pure agarwood powder.

  • Length of 1 incense stick: 10cm – 20cm.
  • Diameter of 1 incense stick: ~ 3mm.
  • Burning time of 1 incense stick: ~ 30 minutes.
  • Advantages: it burns for a moderate duration, avoiding a suffocating sensation. The burning rate is stable and the fragrance is gentle, sweet, and delicate, often used for relaxation, meditation, and yoga practice.

Agarwood Incense Without Toothpick


3. Agarwood Incense Cone:

Incense Cone Agarwood is made from 100% pure agarwood powder, crafted meticulously by artisans to form small cone shapes.

  • Length of 1 incense cone: 5cm – 10cm.
  • Diameter of 1 incense cone: ~ 2mm.
  • Burning time of 1 incense cone: 5 minutes – 15 minutes.
  • Advantages: Due to its small size, it burns faster than the above two types of incense. The burning rate is stable, and the fragrance is gentle, sweet, and delicate, often used for relaxation, meditation, yoga practice, and tea ceremonies.

Agarwood Incense Cone


The price of Agarwood Incense?

We always provide high-quality products at extremely reasonable prices, catering to the shopping needs of many customers. The price of them in the market varies significantly compared to regular incense, so many customers may wonder why there is such a big difference.

Let AGARVINA explain a few reasons to you:

Aquilaria trees, also known as Chi Do trees, take many years (from 5 to over 30 years) to produce agarwood. The conditions for forest cultivation and production are very strict, involving many stages of care.

– Harvesting and producing agarwood has never been easy. It requires advanced technology to preserve all the essence contained in agarwood.

– The rarity of natural agarwood.

We would like to introduce to you some types of natural Agarwood Incense that AGARVINA is producing and distributing in the market.



At AGARVINA, we are confident to be a reliable partner for supplying wholesale and retail Agarwood Incense and related functional food products. With a commitment to quality, sustainable origin, and dedicated customer service, we hope to become your trustworthy companion in the journey of exploring the world of Agarwood.

Thank you for visiting AGARVINA. We hope that you will find useful information and interesting experiences with our products. If you have any questions or need more advice on our Agarwood Incense products, please do not hesitate to contact us via the hotline number so that we can support you as quickly and effectively as possible. We are always ready to listen and serve our customers with the utmost dedication!


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