AGARVINA – Over 25 year growing and Agarwood Forest Development
After more than 25 years of research on the method of creating natural Agarwood, Agarwood Vietnam Production Company LTD (AGARVINA) was established in early 2013 and became a successful pioneer in the field of cultivating and producing Agarwood products.
With a total area of 1,100 hectares and 2,000,000 Aquilaria Crassna trees, currently AGARVINA Agarwood forest has nearly 1,000,000 trees successfully creating Agarwood throughout the South Central provinces of Vietnam,  including An Giang, Binh Phuoc, Ba Ria, Quang Nam and Da Nang. In addition, AGARVINA has built factories, with a team of experts and skilled craftsmen, closed production process meets ISO, HACCP, HALAL…etc.
Over many years of research and monitoring, AGARVINA has chosen the areas of mountains and forests which have the perfect natural conditions and climate for growing Agarwood trees and forming Agarwood. Agarwood tree continuously upholds its principles of ensuring top-quality source material that will promise the best product at harvest. 
AGARVINA continues to get noteriety on an international scale. It is the first company in the world which uses the most advanced methods to produce Agarwood, the most essential, valuable and sacred product of Vietnam’s pristine mountains and forests.

Our goal is to become a leading company for manufacturing and exporting the highest quality Agarwood products. We aim to join world markets such as Japan, China, India and the Middle East. AGARVINA invests in every step in the production process, including the care for professionals, skilled craftsmen, and workshops, as well the meticulousness and enthusiasm in each plan for international promotion fairs that we attend. Our burning desire is to introduce the Vietnam Agarwood brand to the world market so that Agarwood can be appreciated at the high quality that AGARVINA confidently promises.

More than anyone, we understand the ideals of the natural conditions of the country and know how to cultivate Agarwood in perfect conditions, and we expect that Agarwood to be successfully produced throughout all of Vietnam’s forests and mountains. Our goal is to ensure that this precious resource of Vietnam survives and its qualities be enjoyed around the world.

The R&D research and development team has successfully developed a probiotic culture method to naturally create Agarwood from Aquilaria trees. This method has been granted Patent “Biological product that stimulates Aquilaria trees to create Agarwood” by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office. Currently, this method has been implemented for the first time in Vietnam plantations of AGARVINA. 

AGARVINA is proud to produce various quintessential products, such as: Agarwood Oil, Agarwood Chip, Powder, Agarwood Tea, Incense, Functional Food, Fine Art and Handicrafts, etc.

In addition, AGARVINA also expands in the field of Pharmaceuticals – Functional Foods with the member company name is AGARVINA PHARMA JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Together with research and Development team (R&D) specializing in Traditional medicine/oriental medicine combined with research in Western scientic medicine, AGARVINA Pharma has launched 7 products with main ingredients from Agarwood or Oriental medicine remedies in Category 05 (MOH).

Currently, our products are being distributed in more than 1,000 pharmacies across the country. We are committed to ensuring that all of AGARVINA’s Agarwood products consistently meet top-quality standards, as evidenced by numerous certications issued by both domestic and international organizations.

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