After 20 years of painstaking research into the method of growing agarwood trees to create agarwood, in early 2013, Vietnam Agarwood Production Co., Ltd (Agarvina) was established with the goal of bringing the Vietnamese Agarwood industry to the market. World Agarwood.
Development Process
Agarvina has been rising to become a leading company in the field of planting and manufacturing products made from Vietnamese Agarwood. With a total area of ​​700 hectares and 100,000 trees of Do Bau, of which nearly 200,000 trees have successfully created Agarwood, we are confident in dominating the Vietnamese Agarwood market to create momentum to reach out to the world.
Maturation Processing
Agarvina continuously upholds the principles to ensure the source of top quality ingredients that will promise the best product when harvested.
Agarvina has built a series of factories and processing plants throughout the provinces in South Central Vietnam, including Binh Phuoc, Quang Nam, Da Nang and opened many showrooms in Vietnam and internationally.
After many seminars and fairs in many countries that Agarvina pioneered to participate in, foreign partners have learned more about Vietnamese Agarwood and are taking the final steps towards cooperation. A real revolution for Vietnamese Agarwood.
Our goal is to become a leading company in farming, manufacturing and exporting high quality Agarwood products, which is a revolution in creating output for special agricultural products: Agarwood. Vietnam. We wish to participate in major Agarwood markets in the world such as Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Middle East…
Agarvina invests in all stages of Agarwood production process, from seedlings, planting, harvesting to finished Agarwood products. We are committed to the quality of Agarvina’s Agarwood products, which is proven through many certifications issued by domestic and foreign organizations. Along with the quality factor, Agarvina owns a team of grain experts, skilled craftsmen and a closed, standard production process.
Agarvina Company has always been a pioneer in participating in international trade promotion seminars and fairs with the enthusiasm of introducing the Vietnamese Agarwood brand to the world market, raising brand awareness. brand for Agarwood Vietnam.
Through the research we have conducted, we understand that the ideal natural conditions of Vietnam are very suitable for the development of Agarwood. Besides Agarvina’s special method of growing Agarwood, we guarantee that Agarwood will be successfully produced throughout the mountainous regions of Vietnam. Our goal is that I am sure that this valuable resource of Vietnam is preserved and developed, the quality of Vietnamese Agarwood will be recognized by partners around the world.
Consulted from the research of the University of Minnesota, Agarvina Company cooperated to implement the Rainforest Fund Project towards better forest conservation. The R&D research and development team has successfully developed a method of inoculating probiotics to naturally create Agarwood from the Do Bau tree. Currently, this method has been implemented for the first time in the plantation forests of Agarvina Vietnam.
This breakthrough helps the supply of Agarwood become abundant, contributing to reducing deforestation to exploit precious wood to find Agarwood.