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Since the ancient times, Agarwood Tea has been known as a treasured medicinal herb in traditional Oriental medicine remedies, effect on: spleen and kidney, improve digestion, help relieve pain. Agawood has a special aroma, helping to peace of mind and create deep sleep.

Nowadays, many scientific studies have found that some ingredients such as Mangiferin, Genkwanin, EGCG in Argawood leaf help in preventing and treatment on chronic diseases caused in modern lifestyles such as: cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,cancer, premature aging,…

Agarwood Tea AGARVINA – 100% natural Argarwood leaf from trees over 25 years old rich in Mangiferin – a completely natural and healthy herb, has been certified as a safe and beneficial product for human health by Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology.


1.100 HA growing Aquilaria Crassna trees

AGARVINA is a successful pioneer company in the field of cultivating and producing Agarwood products. With a total area of 1,100 hectares and 2,000,000 Aquilaria Crassna trees, currently AGARVINA Agarwood forest has nearly 1,000,000 trees successfully creating Agarwood throughout the South Central provinces of Vietnam, including An Giang, Binh Phuoc, Ba Ria, Quang Nam and Da Nang. In addition, AGARVINA has built factories, with a team of experts and skilled craftsmen, closed production process meets ISO, HACCP, HALAL…etc.

The R&D research and development team has successfully developed a probiotic culture method to naturally create Agarwood from Aquilaria trees. This method has been granted Patent “Biological product that stimulates Aquilaria trees to create Agarwood” by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office. Currently, this method has been implemented for the first time in Vietnam plantations of AGARVINA.

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What is Agarwood Tea?

Agarwood Tea, used to be a specialty reserved for nobility and royalty since ancient times, not only because of its unique flavor but also because of the miraculous health benefits it brings. However, this type of tea has long become rare and difficult to find, and to this day, no one has been able to recreate its special taste.

In the past, creating Agarwood Tea was not easy. To get this type of tea, one must delicately combine the special aroma from rare pieces of agarwood with the sweet aftertaste from ancient tea leaves. However, to do this, the flavoring technique and experience need to be very delicate, because without enough experience, the final product will not be able to recreate the typical flavor of Agarwood Tea.

With AGARVINA, preserving the original flavor of Agarwood is very important. We only use natural agarwood leaves collected from Aquilaria trees that have been around for > 25 years. This is extremely necessary because when producing Agarwood Tea, leaves from artificially grown aquilaria trees cannot be used, because the precious natural nutrients have been affected by chemicals, causing harm to health.


There are 4 types of Agarwood Tea:

  • Agarwood Tea Leaf
  • Premium Agarwood Tea
  • Pure Agarwood Tea
  • Finest Agarwood Tea

There are 4 types of Agarwood Tea Ingredients:

  • Agarwood Tea Material (Soluble Grain)
  • Agarwood Tea Material (Spray Drying Powder)
  • Agarwood Tea Material (Leaf mix Chip)
  • Agarwood Tea Leaf Material

Agarwood Tea is made from 100% Agarwood leaf powder sourced from trees that have developed agarwood for over 25 years. It contains a high content of Mangiferin, making it an excellent herbal wellness product. It has been certified as safe and beneficial for health by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

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