Agarwood incense

Agarwood Incense is often used to offer incense to Buddhas and Ancestors
Cleans the air, has a natural scent, brings positive energy, and creates a cozy, relaxing space.

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Agarwood Incense is a symbol of spirit and soul in East Asian culture, has a pure fragrance and carries high spiritual power. From ancient times to modern times, people are constantly searching for and cherishing these precious gems to stimulate the senses and create a quiet, peaceful space.

What makes this type of incense so special? And in the developing modern world, how is the spiritual value of incense still preserved and appreciated? Let’s explore more deeply with AGARVINA the appeal and meaning of these fragrant smokes.


What is Agarwood Incense?

Agarwood Incense is a type of incense made from the agarwood tree, a rare tree originating mainly from the forests of Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and India.


Types of AGARVINA Agarwood Incense:

  • Herbal Agarwood Incense
    • Herbal Agarwood Incense Moc Que Huong
    • Herbal Agarwood Incense Bat Nha Huong
    • Herbal Agarwood Incense Sala Huong
    • Herbal Agarwood Incense Vi Tien Huong
  • Stick Agarwood Incense
    • High-class
    • Special
  • Agarwood Cone Incense
    • Premium
Agarwood Incense is the most popular and familiar product that most consumers choose. Made from 2 main natural ingredients: 100% clean agarwood powder and Herb.

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