How to Use And Preserve Natural Agarwood Powder?

Agarwood has long been known for its gentle fragrance and the spiritual benefits it brings. In today’s world, Pure Natural Agarwood Powder – a product made from Agarwood wood – is becoming a popular choice for creating relaxing spaces and purifying the air.

However, to better understand the uses and benefits of Natural Agarwood Powder, we need to explore more deeply the production process, usage as well as how to preserve it to keep Agarwood Powder in good condition. best. Join AGARVINA to learn about the secret behind the precious scent of agarwood powder and how to enjoy it safely.

How to Use Natural Agarwood Powder

In the following 3 ways, you can enjoy the pleasant and relaxing scent of agarwood powder most easily and safely.

Burn directly: You can put a small amount of agarwood powder in a plate and burn it directly with fire. The fragrant smoke from the agarwood powder will spread in the space, creating a gentle and relaxing scent.

Using an electric sauna: Place agarwood powder in an electric sauna for safety and convenience. The device will automatically heat the agarwood powder, helping to spread the fragrance evenly in the space safely.

Burning with a burner: This is the simplest way to burn agarwood powder. You just need to put agarwood powder in the burner and light it to start the burning process. The fragrant smoke from agarwood powder will spread in the space naturally and effectively.


Instructions For Preserving Natural Agarwood Powder

Preserving agarwood powder products is a simple and easy process, but needs to be done properly to ensure quality and effective use. Below are useful tips from AGARVINA to best preserve agarwood powder:

Use a sealed box or bag: To avoid exposure to humid air, you should store agarwood powder in a sealed box or bag. This helps ensure that the quality of the agarwood is not affected over the long term.

Place in a dry and cool place: Avoid storing agarwood powder in places with high temperatures, as this can cause the scent of agarwood to disappear. Instead, place agarwood powder in dry and cool places to keep the fragrance preserved.

Avoid damp places: If agarwood powder is exposed to high humidity, it can lead to mold and reduce product quality. Therefore, avoid leaving agarwood powder in damp places, especially for long periods.

By following the above tips, you can ensure that agarwood powder is preserved in the best way, keeping its fragrance and quality intact, thereby increasing its effectiveness when used.

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