Agarwood Moisturiser With Outstanding Skin Care Benefits

From ancient times to today, beneficial ingredients from agarwood have been widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many other products, to support human health and beauty. Thanks to the extraction of agarwood essential oil, all valuable nutrients are retained, and when combined with several other ingredients, it creates a high-quality agarwood moisturizer product, bringing optimal effectiveness to the skin. the user’s skin and soul. Join AGARVINA to learn about the outstanding skincare benefits of agarwood moisturiser.

What is Agarwood Moisturiser?

Agarwood moisturiser are beauty products made from 0.5% agarwood essential oil, combined with two other ingredients: Bo Chinh Ginseng extract and White Turmeric extract. Agarwood has long been known in history as one of the valuable ingredients in the art of making incense and in traditional medicine.
This product is often used for skin and mental care. For the skin, agarwood is said to have the ability to provide moisture, soothe and soften the skin, as well as help improve skin conditions such as inflammation, acne and increase skin resistance. In addition, they are also often used in hair care products to thicken and soften hair.
The aromatic properties of agarwood are also believed to have the ability to soothe and refresh the mind, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood.


Uses Of Agarwood Moisturiser

  • Helps nourish the skin effectively, promoting healthier and more youthful skin.
  • Multi-functional ingredients such as Bo Chinh Ginseng Extract retain moisture and provide long-lasting moisture to the skin, White Turmeric Extract brightens and prevents inflammation, and Agarwood essential oil helps with outstanding anti-aging. , helps quickly fade dark spots


Agarvina Agarwood Moisturiser Products



With many years of experience providing 100% natural Agarwood products, AGARVINA is proud to be a pioneer in producing and supplying all high-quality Agarwood products. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality natural Agarwood products.

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