AGARVINA – Over 25 year growing and Agarwood Forest Development

With a total area of 1,100 hectares and 2,000,000 Aquilaria Crassna trees at present, nearly 1,000,000 trees are currently producing Agarwood. AGARVINA has built a series of machining and processing workshops throughout the provinces in South Central Vietnam, including Binh Phuoc and Quang Nam, and opened many showrooms within Vietnam and internationally.

More than anyone, we understand the ideals of the natural conditions of the country and know how to cultivate Agarwood in perfect conditions, and we expect that Agarwood to be successfully produced throughout all of Vietnam’s forests and mountains. Our goal is to ensure that this precious resource of Vietnam survives and its qualities be enjoyed around the world.

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Agarwood Tea

100% natural Argarwood leaf

AGARVINA Agarwood Tea is a completely natural and healthy herbal drink that is rich in Mangiferin, Genkwanin, EGCG. It has been certificated as a safe and beneficial product for human health by Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology.

Agarwood Incense

100% Pure

Agarwood incense stick and incense cone with ingredients from natural Agarwood herbs, without any blending. Used for religious and spiritual rituals, purify the air, creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

Functional Foods

Oriental medicine

Main ingredients from Agarwood or Oriental medicine remedies in Category 05 (MOH). Currently, our products are being distributed in more than 1,000 pharmacies across the country.


Làm từ Gỗ Trầm nguyên chất

Made from high-quality Agarwood trunks, strictly selected, bringing luxury, nobility and specialness to the user.

Agarwood Powder

100% Pure

Made from pure agarwood, which has been collected from over 25-year old agarwood trees. No fragrance is added to strengthen the scent of the wood, so the smell is natural and soft at room temperature.


100% Pure

Being distilled from pure oud without fragrance or toxic chemicals. contains pure oil extracted from the oud inside Vietnamese aquilaria crassna trees. No fragrance is mixed with this pure oil, so its scent seems to be natural, earthy, warm and very sweet.


Natural Agarwood Chips

Agarwood chips are used to burn in worship and meditation spaces of temples, pagodas, and homes. Possessing high spiritual value, it is a flavoring agent for the production of cosmetics and perfumes, and extracts Agarwood essential oil.


Natural ingredients

Made from agarwood and premium herbs such as white turmeric, lingzhi, ginseng,… with free chemicals.


Bằng độc quyền cho phương pháp vi sinh tạo Trầm cấp bởi Cục Sở Hữu Trí Tuệ
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Đề tài nghiên cứu tác dụng dược lý của AGAR-HP trên động vật do Viện Y Dược Học Dân Tộc và ĐH Y Hà Nội thực hiện
Đề tài nghiên cứu về tác dụng trị viêm loét của AGAR-HP được đăng trên Tạp chí nghiên cứu Y học
Giấy chứng nhận an toàn, có lợi cho sức khỏe của Viện Hàn Lâm Khoa Học và Công Nghệ Việt Nam
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AGARVINA –  Over 25 year growing and Agarwood Forest Development

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