5 Ways To Distinguish Real And Fake Agarwood Powder

Agarwood Powder – a symbol of purity and connection to ancient culture, has long attracted people with its delicate beauty and gentle fragrance. However, in today’s market, distinguishing between real and fake agarwood is becoming a big challenge for consumers. The increasing appearance of fake products has obscured the beauty and value of real agarwood.

However, it is not impossible. In this article, we will explore together the simplest but most effective methods to distinguish real and fake agarwood powder. In this way, we can be more confident when choosing products and experience the purity that agarwood brings. Let’s learn these secrets with AGARVINA below!


5 Ways To Distinguish Real And Fake Agarwood Powder

To distinguish between real and fake agarwood powder, there are some useful ways that AGARVINA has compiled. With the situation of counterfeit and poor-quality goods on the market, this becomes especially important to protect the rights of users. Below are the distinctions that you can apply for comparison testing:


1. Distinguish through color:

Real powder usually has natural, rich, and diverse colors, from yellow to brown, gray, or black. The color of the real powder is often uneven, with alternating natural wood grain lines. Meanwhile, fake powder often has unnatural colors, too dark or too light.


2. Distinguish through scent:

The scent of real powder is usually very delicate, pure, and not too strong. The scent of real powder often lingers long after burning has stopped. Meanwhile, fake powder often has a very strong scent and can cause discomfort when smelled.

Remember, each type of agarwood powder can also have a different scent depending on its age and storage time. The longer the agarwood powder lasts, the gentler and fuller the scent becomes, bringing a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

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3. Distinguish through the burning level:

In addition to the color, fragrance, and grain of agarwood, you can also rely on the burning level of agarwood powder to distinguish. Real powder usually burns slowly and emits light, wafting smoke in the air. Its burning is also slower and produces thin, light-white smoke. On the contrary, fake powder often burns quickly and strongly, creating a lot of smoke that causes discomfort and can cause irritation, especially for people sensitive to chemicals.


4. Distinguish by comparing prices:

Real powder often has a high price, reflecting its rarity and accumulation time. The selling price of real powder usually ranges from a few million to several hundred million, even billions of dong for premium agarwood powders. Therefore, if you see agarwood powder sold at a very cheap price compared to the market, this may be a sign of fake powder.


5. Distinguishing through inspection paper:

This is a popular and reliable way. Reputable agarwood powder suppliers often provide full inspection documents, quality registration papers, and product traceability. These documents not only help ensure the quality and origin of agarwood pulp wood but also demonstrate the commitment and reputation of the supplier.

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