What Is Agarwood Powder?

From ancient times to today, Agarwood Powder has always been one of the most popular and trusted products in the Agarwood product line. Known for its strong appeal, this is an indispensable choice for those who love and appreciate the scent of Agarwood.

However, not everyone knows how to use it effectively to take full advantage of the “energy” of this unique wood. In this article, AGARVINA will share useful information and the properties and effects of it.


Learn About Agarwood Powder

Introduction to Agarwood:

The Agarwood tree (also known as Aquilaria) is a tree of the Pine family, common in tropical Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. This tree is famous for its ability to produce valuable fragrance from its wood after being damaged or attacked by fungi or insects. This process leads to the formation of aromatic resins in the wood, creating the characteristic scent of Agarwood.

The process of creating agarwood occurs naturally when the tree is damaged or attacked by fungi or insects or is exposed to external influences. From there, the tree will respond by producing a special resin in the wood to protect itself from attack.

This process leads to the formation of layers in the agarwood tree, including:

  • Wood layer: This is the outer part of the Aquilaria tree, does not contain agarwood, and is often called the wood of the Aquilaria tree.
  • Agarwood: A layer of wood that contains a small amount of agarwood essential oil, but not uniformly and not much. This is the first stage of the process of forming agarwood.
  • Pith Agarwood: This is the innermost layer of the tree, where the tree sap has become densely concentrated after a long period of exposure to the environment. During this period, the resin becomes true agarwood, with a unique scent and high value.

** These grades are distinguished based on the level of agarwood content and how the sap reacts to external factors.


What is Agarwood Powder?

Natural Agarwood Powder is created by grinding 100% pure Agarwood. This product often has a high price because the materials are created over decades.

*Agarwood is the main raw material for producing agarwood powder. It is made from agarwood trees that accumulate after many years of development. Products made from agarwood have high value due to its special properties and time of formation.


Characteristics of Natural Agarwood Powder

Natural Agarwood Powder usually does not have a clear scent when in powder form, but when burned or exposed to heat, the natural scent of Agarwood will emanate from the smoke. AGARVINA commits that the product does not contain chemicals or flavoring additives, so it brings a pleasant, natural fragrance and is not harmful to health. Besides, premium Agarwood Powders are made from pieces of Agarwood rich in essential oils, the fragrance can be felt as soon as the box is opened.


Effects of Pure Agarwood Powder

Natural Agarwood Powder has many positive effects on the living space and human spirit. It not only brings a feeling of relaxation and sedation from its gentle fragrance but also can deodorize, disinfect, exorcize, and purify the living space. Using agarwood powder also supports better feng shui and benefits people’s health and spirit.

Agarwood powder has many positive effects on human health and spirit. Below are the main effects of agarwood powder:

  • Helps relax and reduce stress: The scent of agarwood is warm and sweet, helping to reduce anxiety, and insecurity and facilitate deeper sleep. It also helps reduce stress and psychological inhibition caused by the pressure of work and family life.
  • The main ingredient in the art of enjoying aromatherapy: Agarwood powder is often used in the art of enjoying Japanese aromatherapy, combined with the tea ceremony, creating a relaxing and refreshing experience.
  • Air purification: Active ingredients from agarwood have antibacterial, deodorizing, and air-purifying properties. Regularly steaming agarwood in the home helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mold, making the living space healthier.
  • Has feng shui significance: Agarwood is considered a powerful feng shui tool, used on many important occasions such as store openings, moving to a new house, important family holidays, and when the house has the intrusion of negative energy and evil energy.

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There are 3 main reasons to choose AGARVINA’s agarwood powder products

  • High-quality ingredients: Agarwood powder is made from 100% premium Agarwood trees, has beautiful oil veins, and contains a lot of valuable essential oils. This ensures the product is of high quality and delivers the best results.
  • Chemical-free: The product contains no artificial coloring or fragrance, ensuring a natural and gentle scent. This helps users experience a pleasant fragrance without worrying about the effects of toxic chemicals.
  • Good health and feng shui benefits: AGARVINA’s Agarwood Powder brings many health and feng shui benefits. The scent of agarwood not only helps relax the mind but also has antibacterial properties, purifies the air, and creates conditions for a peaceful and positive living space.

We hope that the article shared above will be helpful and can answer part of your questions about Agarwood Powder. If you have any questions or need more advice about AGARVINA‘s Agarwood products, do not hesitate to contact the Hotline at 1900 9279 or the Contact Information pinned below for quick support. best and best. We are always ready to listen and serve our customers wholeheartedly!


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