Pure Agarwood Oil And Wonderful Health Benefits

From ancient to modern times, Pure Agarwood Oil has been considered one of the precious resources reserved for kings and the upper classes. To this day, although this essential oil has become more popular and widely used, it still belongs to the category of high-end essential oils, so its price is still quite special. Join AGARVINA to discover all the information related to this wonderful essential oil!

What Is Pure Agarwood Oil?

Pure Agarwood Oil is an essential oil extracted mainly from the resin of the Agarwood Tree, also known as the Aquilaria Tree, scientifically known as Aquilaria crassna Pierre ex Lecomte, belonging to the Agarwood family – Thymelaeaceae, popular in India. and countries in Southeast Asia. The usual extraction process is natural steam distillation.

It has a special fragrance and is considered one of the rare essential oils. Its unique characteristic is its wealth of chemical active ingredients, which help fight inflammation and oxidation with high efficiency. Thanks to this property, Pure Agarwood Oil brings many benefits in health care and supporting medical treatment.


Components Inside Pure Agarwood Oil

Pure Agarwood Oil contains many beneficial active ingredients, including agarol, α-agarofurans, β-agarofurans, agarospirol, dihydroagarofuran, aquillochin, iso-dihydroagarofura, jinkoho, kusenol, and selinen.

These active ingredients are known for their anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and protect the skin from the effects of UV rays. Therefore, the effect of Pure Agarwood Oil has been highly appreciated for bringing many benefits to users.



Benefits That Pure Agarwood Oil Brings

Helps avoid depression, and supports deep sleep: The fragrance from Agarwood Oil can reduce stress, and anxiety and help improve mood. Studies also show that Agarwood Oil can help improve sleep quality by minimizing symptoms of sleep disorders and depression.

Pain relief: Agarwood Oil contains anti-inflammatory active ingredients, helping to relieve pain from problems such as bone and joint pain, headaches, and other pain.

Anti-upper respiratory tract allergies: The anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties of Agarwood Oil help reduce symptoms of upper respiratory tract allergies such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.

Supports the digestive system to function well: Massage with Agarwood Oil can help reduce symptoms of diarrhea, bloating, and indigestion.

Reduces menstrual cramps: Agarwood Oil can help reduce menstrual pain due to its warm ingredients that help reduce pain.

Skincare: Agarwood Oil is known for its rich antioxidant content, so it is used in beauty care procedures to help regenerate skin cells and reduce signs of aging.

Reduce stress: Agarwood Oil can help relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

Create a relaxing scent for the space: Using an essential oil diffuser with Agarwood Oil will spread a pleasant and relaxing scent, helping to improve your spirit and create a comfortable space.

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