How To Use Agarwood Pieces Correctly And Safely

The popularity of Agarwood Chips comes not only from the gentle fragrance it brings but also from the spiritual and health benefits it brings. Knowing how to properly burn agarwood not only helps optimize the effectiveness of agarwood but also creates a positive living and working space. To better understand how to burn agarwood and the benefits it brings, please continue reading the instructional article below with AGARVINA.


Reasons Why Agarwood Chips Are Chosen For Burning

For ages, burning incense, or incense burning, has become an integral part of spiritual culture in many countries, not only in Vietnam but also around the world. The gentle fragrance of incense not only brings a sense of peace and tranquility but is also believed to have the ability to dispel negative energies and attract luck and prosperity, making life smoother and happier.

Using incense sticks as a medicinal material for burning not only creates a clean and warm space but also helps reduce stress and fatigue, facilitating deeper and better sleep.

With its special spiritual and Feng Shui meanings, using incense sticks on occasions such as festivals, inaugurations, or house blessings is not only a tradition but also a way to show care and desire for a joyful and prosperous life.


Guide to Burning Agarwood Chips

1. Direct Burning Method with Fire:

  • This is the most common and easy-to-perform method, suitable for using Agarwood Chips.
  • Pay attention to controlling the amount of fire and temperature to avoid burning too much too quickly, leading to loss of fragrance.
  • Ensure to choose the right type of charcoal, preferably activated charcoal, to reduce smoke and unpleasant odors.

Disadvantages and Limitations:

  • High temperatures can cause a partial loss of the fragrance of the Agarwood Chips and reduce their quality.
  • The burning time is usually short compared to other burning methods due to the high heat generated.
  • The smoke from burning charcoal may overshadow the essential oil scent of the incense.


  • To optimize the burning experience, choose high-quality Agarwood Chips with a natural origin.
  • Control the amount of fire and temperature to avoid loss of fragrance and quality of the Agarwood Chips.
  • Choose suitable burning tools, such as copper or ceramic charcoal burners, to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation when using Agarwood Chips to avoid inhaling harmful smoke.

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Agarwood Chips

2. Heating with Electric Burner:

  • Electric burners are a safe and convenient option for burning Agarwood Chips.
  • Using glazed ceramic burners helps prevent residue buildup and makes cleaning easy after each use.
  • You can adjust the temperature on the electric burner to control the burning process, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Burning Process:

  • When breaking down the Agarwood Chips to place on the burner, choose pieces that are suitable in size to ensure effective burning.
  • The time required for the Agarwood Chips to heat up and release fragrance may be longer compared to the direct burning method, but it is more prolonged and consistent.
  • It is crucial to adjust the burner temperature after the Agarwood Chips have heated up to maintain the fragrance without damaging the incense.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • The advantage of the heating method is that there is no fire, and no smoke, and it preserves the natural fragrance of the Agarwood Chips.
  • However, the time needed for the Agarwood Chips to heat up and release fragrance may be longer compared to the direct burning method.

Safety Notes:

  • During the use of an electric incense burner, avoid direct contact with the burner when it is hot.
  • Also, keep the burner out of the reach of children to prevent the risk of burns while it is in operation.


Therefore, burning Agarwood Chips directly with fire or heating them with an electric burner are both common and easy-to-perform methods, but attention to quality and safety during use is essential.


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