How To Use Agarwood Incense Correctly And Safely

When entering a space filled with the scent of Agarwood Incense, we are not only immersed in the gentle fragrance but also enjoy the spiritual and health benefits that this type of incense brings. Would you happen to know how to use it effectively and safely? Join AGARVINA to discover the secret behind the precious fragrance of agarwood incense and how to enjoy it properly.


Choose the Right Type of Agarwood Incense

This is often used to meet the needs of sacred worship on major holidays as well as offering incense to ancestors daily. However, each type of it will have different uses and serve each purpose separately.

Join AGARVINA to refer to some of the following popular types:


How to Use Agarwood Incense in Spirituality

How to Burn Agarwood Incense with a Toothpick:

This is popular so we can meet most of the needs during major Buddhist ceremonies as well as the daily offering of incense to ancestors. Burn the head of the incense stick directly with a medium flame so that the incense burns evenly, emitting the most magical, sweet, and sacred incense, filled with heartfelt prayers that you want to send to the gods to pray for your life. Live in peace, pray for smooth business,…

How to Use Agarwood Incense for Relaxation

Through this article sharing the Ideal Benefits of AGARVINA Agarwood Incense, you may also have understood some basic information about 2 types of agarwood incense that can be used in meditation, yoga, relaxation, etc.


How to Burn Stick Agarwood Incense:

This is a compact product without a bamboo toothpick core, made of two main ingredients: pure agarwood powder and Litsea glue adhesive. This keeps the natural scent of agarwood intact, without being mixed or reduced.

When burned directly, this product combines with flame and steaming accessories, ensuring safety and creating an aesthetic space. Even though the amount of smoke emitted is small, the natural sweet scent is still retained, making toothless agarwood incense a popular choice for relaxation and helping to improve sleep quality.

Just a stick of incense in stressful times can help your spirit become comfortable and reduce stress after a tiring day of work. During meditation or yoga sessions, the combination of gently floating agarwood smoke and the sweet scent of agarwood creates a quiet and peaceful space, helping you easily immerse yourself in a relaxed mood.


How to Burn Agarwood Cone Incense:

This is a delicate combination of 100% pure agarwood powder and Litsea acacia and does not contain any chemicals or additives harmful to health. When burned directly with a flame, these agarwood buds create a gentle and safe fragrant space, suitable for all types of incense burner accessories such as electric incense burners, ceramic incense burners, or incense burners. Copper burns agarwood. The gentle amount of smoke and gentle fragrance helps increase concentration, reduce stress, and increase energy for an effective working day.


How To Use In a Safety Way:

On the market today, there are many types of incense with uneven quality and price. To ensure safety for daily use, you should choose to buy products from reputable and trustworthy sources, staying away from cases of unknown origin and quality.

When using it for burning, be sure to use the included burning accessories to ensure absolute safety for you and the surrounding environment. This not only helps limit the risk of fire and explosion but also increases aesthetics, making it suitable for burning incense at sacred places of worship.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry and a team of highly skilled engineers, AGARVINA  Agarwood is committed to providing products 100% from natural agarwood materials, without mixing any toxic chemicals. This ensures that you can use our products safely and with peace of mind every day.



We hope that through the shared article, we can assist and partially address any inquiries you may have regarding Agarwood Incense. If you have any questions or need further advice on AGARVINA‘s Agarwood products, please do not hesitate to contact us via the pinned hotline number below so that we can provide you with the quickest and best support. We are always ready to listen to and serve our customers with the utmost dedication!


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